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What Is Glutathione And Why Do We Need It?

First, before we have to know why do we need it, we have to know what Glutathione is. Glutathione (γ-L-Glutamyl-L-cysteinylglycine) is peptide consisting of three key amino acids that plays several vital roles in the body. It’s also known as master antioxidant and detoxifier of every cell in your body. Glutathione is the most important antioxidant produced by the body. It prevents cellular damage caused by free radicals and peroxides which also has been interpreted as a detoxification role. Longevity researchers believe that it is so pivotal to our health that the level of GSH in our cells is becoming a predictor of how long we will live.

The process of oxidation in the human body damages cell membranes and other structures including cellular proteins, lipids and DNA. When oxygen is metabolized, it creates 'free radicals' which steal electrons from other molecules, causing damage. The body can cope with some free radicals and needs them to function effectively. However, an overload of free radicals has been linked to certain diseases, including heart disease, liver disease, some cancers and other systemic diseases. And researchers has proven that oxidation can also be accelerated by our lifestyle such as aging, stress, cigarette smoking, alcohol, sunlight, pollution and other factors. 

As we know, Glutathione is present in the human diet such as meats, fruits and vegetables that neutralize free radicals. These include the nutrient antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E, and the minerals copper, zinc and selenium. Other dietary food compounds, such as the phytochemicals in plants and zoo chemicals from animal products, are believed to have greater antioxidant effects than either vitamins or minerals. These are called the non-nutrient antioxidants and include phytochemicals, such as lycopene in tomatoes, and anthocyanin found in cranberries. But, Are these antioxidants based on food enough to fulfill our antioxidant needs? The answer is No. Because, besides the doses consumed in even the most prolific diets is significantly smaller than can be achieved through supplementation with glutathione, we always eat our foods processed. Which cause the reduced of nutrients in our foods. That’s why the reason why do we need Glutathione dietary supplement to fulfill our antioxidants needs. So, now we can conclude the main benefits of Glutathione are antioxidants, immune booster and also detoxification of our body.


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